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What if there were just the right number of hours in the day?

What if paying bills were fun?

What if the signs of aging were considered to be attractive?

What if the glimpses of goodness people see in us were who we really are?

What if the people who cut us off on the freeway—or while we’re talking—weren’t inconsiderate pigs, but just scared?

What if every moment of every day were a precious once-in-an-eternity occurrence to be savored and appreciated?

What if everything in your life right now were absolutely perfect for you?

What if only the willingness to see them that way would make all of these what-ifs true?

– Sydney J. Reuben

So much of our lived experience is dominated by our perceptions and interpretations. Next time you find yourself blocked in some way, do 20 question repetitions to build your muscles of inquiry and soften the neural grooves of judgement and assumptions.

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