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sydney j. reuben

Life Coaching
Spiritual Mentoring
Practical Wisdom

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I go to the ocean to watch the waves coming and going,

coming and going.

Does the beach make futile attempts to hold onto each wave? 


Two degrees in psychology and intensive training in life coaching and hypnotherapy have given Sydney a firm foundation in human dynamics and an equally firm belief in our endless ability to change and grow. In complement to her psychological training, many years of exploring Eastern philosophies have shown her how to use valuable spiritual principles and practices for living a meaningful life.

Sydney specializes in transformational work. While she can help you to lose 20 pounds, or prepare for an all-important interview, or deal with that challenging relationship, she will also show you how to deal with those aspects of yourself that are challenging so they are no longer triggered by other people. She can teach you how to prepare not only for an important presentation but for the unexpected that inevitably shows up in life. And, she will help you to treat all aspects of yourself with unconditional respect so that the changes you make actually stick. She loves this aspect of her work the most.

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Sydney helped me see truths about my life in areas I was neither prepared nor willing to realize were holding me back. I’m extremely grateful for her skilled approach in working with my alpha personality. As a result, I’m able to hear what people say to me so I can better communicate as a husband, colleague, and business leader.

Todd Tobin, 
South Dakota


Support Group

I love how Sydney keeps me on topic even when I try to veer off in another direction. She is persistent in a way that feels safe and leads me to greater insight.”


"I thought I knew how to conduct myself in an interview. What I didn't have a grasp of was the preparation needed BEFORE sitting in the hot seat. Sydney was extremely helpful in getting me to laser in on the important information to emphasize and HOW. All the while she was kind and non-judgmental, as well as intuitive and creative.

Sharon Catalano, New Jersey


finding her way

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Sydney J. Reuben

At many times in her life, author Sydney J. Reuben has felt like a lost child. This is her story about leaving the safety of the expected way of doing things to find her voice, her truth, her way of being in the world. It is told in a uniquely engaging style that keeps the story moving and the reader engrossed. You will be invited to consider your life with similar candor and compassion.


A Different Kind of Book

  • The story unfolds through multiple literary formats (short stories, fairy tales, poetry, personal anecdotes) that add breadth and color to the book’s themes.

  • The author’s tales serve as an example and a catalyst for the reader’s own self‑discovery process.

  • The book is full of surprises—disarming moments and unexpected turns.

  • Provocative questions are included for use by individuals or by women’s groups and book clubs.


Readers Speak

 “This witty, warm, guided journey through life’s heart lessons is a little treasure. I felt at home in it.” —Judy Grahn, poet, teacher, whose latest collection is love belongs to those who do the feeling


“I think Finding Her Way speaks to what other women experience. Somewhere in the whole reading, I got chills. Bless you for this work.” — Shiloh Sophia McCloud, artist, publisher, teacher

“I loved this book and found it uniquely valuable for men as well as women.” — Bruce Moore, publisher of Meeting Papaji and Just Like You

 “Finding Her Way is a grace-filled account of the author’s journey to live a fuller and more authentic life. Through stories, reflections and insightful questions, Sydney helps us understand our own lives in new and expansive ways. This is a wonderful resource for personal use or for women’s groups.” — Denise Roy, psychotherapist, author of "My Monastery Is a Minivan" and "Momfulness"


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Sydney J. Reuben

Practical Wisdom

Spiritual Mentoring

Life Coaching

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Jeanne Brophy

Creativity + Communications

Currently on sabbatical.

Not accepting new clients.

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Nothing, ever, is worth closing your heart over.

-Michael Singer

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