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carmella granado

I coach the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

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Carmella Granado had the most unlikely career for someone who originally planned to be an art education teacher in an elementary school environment.


Life brought her from NYC to Northern California when Silicon Valley was in its infancy and she discovered that her natural ability to create systems, manage data and bridge engineer-to -engineer communications found its home in electronic manufacturing services.  It’s an industry that is invisible to most consumers who are unaware that the brand on their widget hasn’t been manufactured by that logo for more than 30 years.  She worked at many companies over the years in roles in Product, Project and Program Management (Operational Governance), Marketing, and Finance before ending up at Flex (formerly Flextronics NASDAQ:FLEX, a $24B Fortune Global 500 end-to-end supply chain solutions company) as a Global Account Manager for customers like Hewlett Packard, Apple, Palm, etc. and was part of the team that performed due diligence, negotiated the complex contract, transitioned the facilities/systems/people and then managed the contract of the $2B revenue/year Nortel acquisition.

Along the way, Carmella learned that her heart was in the development of high-performing teams, earned her ICF coaching certification and began doing side projects helping the Global Leadership & Development organization create workshops to upskill the workforce and coach the executives to higher performance.  When she began applying QuestionThinking™ methodologies and turned around a lagging site’s performance (Huffington Post, Wharton Nano Tools), management took notice and she spent the next 2 years focused on improving team performance globally.

In her last 5 years at Flex she was responsible for Global Leadership & Development for the workforce of over 200K employees (35K knowledge workers) with operations in 30 countries. Her team delivered more than 100 programs a year globally, and she traveled extensively, assessing regional needs, adding/changing programs and delivering the flagship leadership program to senior management, as well as coaching executives and creating manager-to-manager peer coaching programs.

Carmella moved to the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State where she continues to coach people committed to high performance, facilitates meetings to uncover organizational barriers that block success, and facilitates leadership workshops.

For fun, she remodels her home and landscapes with her reluctant husband, Norbeth.

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Carmella is a powerful coach. She cares deeply about her clients, and creates a safe, judgment free zone where I have always felt comfortable discussing my challenges and roadblocks. She pushes me to find my own breakthroughs, while also being patient with my learning. I have confidence in her coaching skills and confidentiality. Carmella helped me to craft the vision and goal I needed to make a major career move. I’ve also had the chance to work with Carmella as co-facilitator. She is skilled, thoughtful, fun, and anchored in solid business experience.

Scott W. Hathaway
Learning & OD
Patagonia - USA

Support Group

I have been fortunate & lucky enough to work, learn & be mentored by Carmella. She is a wise, inspiring coach with the life experience, compassion, and emotional intelligence to guide you through pretty much anything!!! She has expertise in understanding organizational needs in multiple industries. Carmella has big heart and intellect that matches, she brings the best out of business owners, executives, & entrepreneurs…she has such amazing energy, not to mention a terrific business background and as a plus - a great sense of humor! Carmella's guidance has helped me tremendously in my career but also, at a personal level - growth from all sides of the spectrum!


I worked with Carmella at Flextronics. My area of expertise is lean six sigma. I have coached and mentored hundreds of people through Kaizens and Six Sigma Projects. Even though I coach people every day I found myself needing a coach. I reached out to Carmella to help me focus on achieving some goals in my life. Carmella is passionate about helping people reach their highest potential in their personal and work lives. If you are a coach needing a coach, I would highly recommend Carmella. Her servant leadership style will deliver excellence on any project or goals you or your company wish to accomplish. From my dissertation “ ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS - Thanks to my personal coach, Carmella Granado for your ever present wise counsel.”

Alexandria Farias,
Dir. Global Account Manager
Flex – USA

Tonya Brown, Ph.D.
Lean/Six Sigma Consultant


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Carmella Granado

Leadership Development

Executive Coaching

Team performance

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Margaret Hartwell

Innovation Coaching 

Leadership Development

Brand/Culture Alignment

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Practical Wisdom

Spiritual Mentoring

Life Coaching

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Jeanne Brophy

Creativity + Communications

Currently on sabbatical.

Not accepting new clients.

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Prayer flags and cairn

When we least expect it, life sets us a challenge
to test our courage and willingness to change;
at such a moment, there is no point in pretending
that nothing has happened
or in saying that we are not yet ready.
The challenge will not wait.
Life does not look back.

-Paulo Coehlo

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