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say yes

It's time. 

You know it is because you're here. 

Time to say yes to your own development. To say yes to being the most integrated and aligned version of yourself.

To say yes to clearing patterns that are keeping you stuck.

Aren't you tired of someday?


What's in the space between what you say you want and what you're doing?

It's not enough to know what's in the way. And it's not enough to understand why it's there. We focus on the "how" in order to clear and then integrate a new way of being in the world.

The Issue-Based Package will transform two important areas of your work/life.

Four 60-minute sessions over the course of six weeks 

Practice areas and homework between sessions.

Email/text support



Have you hit a plateau in your leadership effectiveness? Or perhaps struggling to stay in the flow of ever-increasing complexity? Burnout, despondency, complacency anyone? These experiences put all put new demands on our psychological resources.

The Leadership Intensive will shift your mindset so you can not only keep pace but live into your full potential.

Ten 60-minute sessions over the course of seven weeks 

Practice areas, homework, assessments between sessions.

Email/text support



Do you need a check-in or perspective shift? Support with decision-making? 

Sometimes we just need to be able to remember ourselves to move forward with confidence and clarity.

A La Carte is a single 90-minute session designed to support reorientation, clarity, and recommitment. 

Single 90-minute session



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