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three words guide our practice

Our principles originate from many sources, but can be summed up in three words: Awareness, Alignment, and Action. By applying open-hearted awareness, aligning our objectives with our deeply-held values, and taking skillful action, we minimize internal conflict and move toward our goals with a rich sense of integrity.

While the model is a helpful map, the map is not the territory. That territory lies within each individual. An articulated approach creates a sense of safety that can help you remember yourself. We help resolve areas of stuckness, offer alternate routes, and amplify the experiences of connection, integration, and personal agency. 


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What lies beneath the idea that the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence? Is it that we spend more time thinking about how things should, could or would be? What if the grass just grows greener on the side you water? Do you know what you are watering? Do you like what is growing and where?

There is unlimited possibility hidden in plain sight. We help you to cultivate a steady awareness practice that will not only shift your responses but create a deeper and more satisfying way of experiencing your life.



Then Goldilocks said to herself, “This one is too hot. This one is too cold. Ahhhh, this one is just right.” Now imagine you are the master engineer of a sound control board. How can you adjust the sliders, dials, and buttons to mix your human experience so that it is “just right, for you?”


Do you observe that what you say is sometimes at odds with what you do? Our alignment and healing practices free up energy wasted in resistance, avoidance and/or sabotage.  Best of all, alignment gives you more energy to do the things you really want. 




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Thich Nhat Hann said, “To know and not to act is to not know.” So why do our actions so often subvert the heart’s wisdom? And how can we stop creating unnecessary suffering? The answers lie in the practice of staying curious, being grateful, and taking skillful action. 


There is a world of difference between knowing and doing. If we never act on what we know, we might as well not know. We help you to cultivate skillful action practices that yield greater results, greater peace, greater joy, and greater opportunities. 


Why not schedule a free introductory session to see what's possible?


Livework Coaching collective offers holistic support for personal and career development. Your coach becomes your partner, standing with you and creating a safe space for you to shift your inner reality.


Our objective, comprehensive, and compassionate approach will empower you to remove obstacles to success and experience more satisfaction, greater agency and less resistance in both your work and your life.


begin where you are

decide where you want to go

be led by what you learn

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